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LVW is the purest expression to date of client-focused strategies that Lori Van Dusen has advocated for more than two decades.  Initially dismissed as naïve, today they are the stated, but often still aspirational practices of financial professionals everywhere.    At LVW, we have two main ideas – and you are at the center of both.  First, we have a complete and undeterred focus on the performance of your investments. Secondly, we believe that individual and institutional clients are best served by an open-source platform of research and other services.  And we achieve these goals with our talented team, starting with senior management who have collaborated since the late 90’s at Citi/Smith Barney.

Our open-source approach allows our team to leverage insight and research from providers with subject matter and asset class expertise.  With our focus on you and your investments, we support individual families and institutions with sophisticated strategies in the areas of outsourced CFO and tax services, investment banking and lending, and estate planning and risk management, all done with our client’s interests above all else.  Continuing with our conviction to deliver what we believe are the highest caliber of service, we’ve aligned with the strength of Focus Financial Partners where we leverage resources in the areas of technology, research, and management expertise to deliver the level of client attention high-speed global markets demand.


How we began and why.

Our core team worked and met at Citigroup, where we began to form like-minded ideas and values that built upon the sophisticated analytics of institutional and individual wealth advisors, adding an entrepreneurial spirit and a touch of out-of-the-box thinking to the mix.

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Who we are today.

Today, as always, we’re committed to providing every client with the best possible advice. We have built a state-of-the-art firm by accessing an even broader range of research and investment solutions and integrating them with an ideal blend of traditional and boutique-like thinking.

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The LVW Advisors team:  exceptional in any kind of market.

The speed and magnitude at which the markets have changed over the past few years have provided compelling investment opportunities and significant risks, both of which require not only more vigilant oversight, but also more timely and proactive advice.

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Our access to timely research has more than tripled.

At LVW Advisors, we’ve concluded that Investment Research is best achieved with an outsourced research model.

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Our process is designed to protect you every step of the way.

LVW maintains rigorous process integrity that starts with an in-depth understanding of each client’s individual situation. We then utilize multi-scenario analysis to stress-test portfolios and rebalance when necessary, using advanced technologies and the same value oriented contrarian approach we’ve used over the last 20 years.

We’ve expanded our partner relationships.

Our boutique approach is backed by the strength of an industry powerhouse, Focus Financial Partners. Focus is a leading partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms. Focus provides unrivaled access to best practices, resources and continuity planning for its partner firms who service individuals, families, employers and institutions with wealth management, benefit and investment consulting services. Focus partner firms maintain their entrepreneurial independence, while they benefit from the synergies, scale, economics and best practices of the market leader to achieve their business objectives.


Our ongoing Due Diligence process helps keep you on track.

With LVW, manager due diligence isn’t confined to the selection stage. It’s an ongoing process.

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Without your trust, we wouldn’t exist.

At LVW Advisors, we take our collective fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. We stand beside you always acting as a partner you can trust. It’s our commitment to each and every client with whom we work.

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