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At LVW Advisors, we specialize in managing the financial intricacies that considerable wealth requires. We begin by sitting down with you to discuss your wishes, needs and plans for your money and your life. Our dedicated team of analysts then evaluates the universe of investments, structures, and managers, while at the same time, analyzing the potential risks, expected returns and tax implications of each approach.


We marry the science of math and the art of investing, adding just the right mix of rigorous research and objectivity to build you a portfolio specifically designed to reach your goals.

Customizing your plan: Making it uniquely yours

You’re one-of-a-kind and your investment portfolio should be, too. Which is why, at the start of our relationship, we craft an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) suited to your objectives, circumstances and risk tolerance.

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Managing risk: Staying within your personal comfort zone

Unlike many other financial advisors who view risk as the necessary corollary to return, LVW takes a more strategic view. We know our clients regard risk in relation to their ability to achieve goals: Maintaining a lifestyle. Providing for others less fortunate. Leaving a legacy that transcends liquid wealth.

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Safeguarding assets:  Making your plan adaptable

LVW Advisors is committed to safeguarding your assets. We continuously monitor our system of checks and balances to adapt to the ever-changing financial environment. That way your portfolio can stay a step ahead of the market.

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Manager Search & Selection: The difference a good manager makes

LVW considers manager selection and due diligence critical in constructing and sustaining your optimal portfolio.

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Portfolio Maintenance: Making it is only half the battle

Many firms can manage wealth. LVW Advisors brings the energy, expertise, and integrity needed to manage it well.

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Performance Reporting: Keeping tabs on your portfolio

You want to know every last detail. But you don’t want to get bogged down in them. Our consolidated performance reporting is designed to do just that.  We strive to provide you with the perfect blend of high-tech and high-touch.

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Collateralized lending and other lending services: What are your dreams?

Your dreams are as unique as you are. Boats. Planes. A Tuscan villa. A new business venture. A bequest. LVW offers the special expertise and market position to help finance whatever you can imagine.

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Philanthropy: Sharing your wealth with those less fortunate.

At your wealth level, giving back is more complicated than just signing a check. Making sure that all you give really gets to your goal is something LVW does effortlessly.

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Estate & Tax Planning: Ensuring your wealth lives on

You’ve worked hard to create a legacy for your family. And you don’t want to lose a big portion of it to the IRS.  With LVW, you won’t have to.

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